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“What do you do to try and think more positive about life?”

Last week I received a text from a friend of mine. She said simply this: “What do you do to try and think more positive about life?” She then said I should take my time to answer, and my answer could be as short and simple, or as long and convoluted, as I liked. There was no context, and no indication of what was prompting her to ask for this advice. There was just the question.

I reproduce here the response that I wrote for her and emailed to her the next day. Besides removing one reference to her by name, I’ve left it exactly as I sent it to my friend. She tells me it was a helpful response. I hope other people will find it helpful too. Continue reading


This site is called Sea Wolf because that is what my name means. Probably. It is an old name and a rare one, and despite a great deal of research, nobody in my family can be quite sure what its ultimate origins are. It seems, however, that we are named for the men whom the English of medieval times called the sea wolves: the raiders who came in longboats to the English coast, seeking to trade or to settle – or, more famously, to pillage and burn. Continue reading

Welcome to Sea Wolf

Hi there. My name is Robert Selth, and I’m a writer from Canberra, Australia, currently living and working as a teacher in London. This is what used to be the blog where the reviews I wrote for my student newspapers ended up. Now, it’s essentially just an archive. For my current work, please check out my Twitter @RobertSelth. If you’re a teacher looking for my new secondary school History textbook, Knowing History: Twentieth Century World, it’s available for pre-order here.

(The common query: why was the site called Sea Wolf, you ask? It’s explained in this post.)