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Iona: Isle of Quiet Power

It is difficult to get to Iona, and when you reach it, you may wonder why you came. It is a tiny, low, barely inhabited island in the Atlantic, huddling in the western fringe of Scotland among the islands called the Inner Hebrides. The 2011 census listed just 177 inhabitants, most of whom seem to live on a single road that winds along one side of the island for a couple of hundred metres, and then stops.[i] It is rocky, windy, and has no interesting natural features. You could walk from one end of it to the other in less than an hour, and you would be walking among stunted, scraggly trees over rough and messy grass. When I went to Iona it was late October, and the island seemed little more than a patch of turf protruding from a grey, harsh, and freezing sea. Continue reading